March 16, 2016
AVTOVAZ received award from Russian Automotive Forum RAF 2016

AVTOVAZ has received an award from Russian Automotive Forum held by Adam Smith Conference annually to give prominence to performance and contribution of companies into development of Russian car industry. This year RAF award is named Resilience Award.

Forum organizers have awarded AVTOVAZ for launching two new vehicles LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY despite the economic recession and tough situation in Russian car market.

To be noted that LADA Vesta is built at totally new platform LADA B/С developed by AVTOVAZ engineers with support from Renault-Nissan Alliance specialists. The first time in LADA history, one year passed from demonstration of concept car till launch into mass production. Compact urban CUV LADA XRAY was launched just 81 day after LADA Vesta. High level of quality, comfort, safety, exquisite style of Vesta and XRAY are destined to change the opinion of customers about the brand.

Sales of new vehicles LADA demonstrate efficient invasion of AVTOVAZ products. Following the results of sales in February, LADA Vesta took 7th place in TOP-10 best-selling cars in Russia.

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